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by Fabio Lucchini et Davide Morandini.

On 25th January thousands of Egyptians gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, sparking what we call now the Egyptian Revolution. Only a few hundred meters far from the world-famous square, the people from the working class neighborhood Bulaq joined protesters, finding in demonstrations something more than a glimmer of hope. Through their voices, ‘Bulaq’ portrays their collective struggle against eviction and social marginalization, whose destiny seems to be strictly intertwined with the hesitant fortunes of the Egyptian spring

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by Davide Morandini

Louis Pouzin looks like an ordinary old man. Nothing suggests that this 90-year-old, former engineer is one of the creators of the Internet. In 1971, this internet pioneer and other genius computer scientists like Jean-Louis Grangé and Michel Gien, were the main minds behind the Cyclades project, one of the world’s first computer networks.




by Davide Morandini

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Osiris II, a former longliner from the island of La Reunion, patrols against the illegal fishing boats that threatens this unique ecosystem. On board, sailors, soldiers and scientists carry out a gruelling, daily work. Thomas, a young sailor from Madagascar, embarks the Osiris II to help defend this fragile environment… only to discover a much more complex world than the one he had imagined.

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by Fabio Lucchini

Antoine, Rose-Marie, Jean-Baptiste and Suzanne were only children when, on the night of January 24, 1943, policemen came knocking on their doors in the Saint-Jean, Marseilles’ old neighbourhood. They were evacuated along with 20,000 inhabitants of this working class neighbourhood. 12,000 were taken to a camp, 800 were deported. The neighbourhood was completely destroyed by the Nazis. 80 years later, Pascal Luongo, a lawyer and grandson of one of the survivors, breaks the silence on these almost unknown facts, which tragically signed the story of the beating heart of Marseille.